Happy Herbivore 28 Day Whole Food Challenge: Week 1 in Review

Today is Day 7 of the Happy Herbivore challenge, and it seemed a good time to check in and let you all know how I’m doing so far. I feel completely fantastic! I struggled a little during the first few days because I was suffering some detox symptoms such as headaches and achiness, but those symptoms had cleared by Wednesday evening, and I’ve been feeling great ever since. I’ve never considered my diet to be particularly unhealthy- I’m a longtime vegan, and I love my fruits and veggies- but after the pressures of the past few months, I have noticed myself slipping into less-than-ideal eating habits. A surprising amount of processed rubbish began to sneak back into my diet, and I developed a love-hate relationship with coffee, drinking 4-6 cups per day just to stay awake, then cursing my caffeine habit for keeping me awake at night and making my insomnia even worse than usual! Since starting the challenge, my sleep pattern has improved infinitely; I’ve been asleep by 11pm most nights, and sleeping all the way through the night, which, I can assure you, is a big deal! Here are the positive effects I’ve noticed so far:


  • Improved sleeping pattern
  • More energy during the day
  • Drastically increased alertness
  • Feeling happier, and more optimistic
  • 4lb lost in one week!

I’m really enjoying the food I’ve been eating this week, and I think that the challenge has helped me to get excited about food again. I was stuck in quite a rut before HH28, and now I feel spoilt for choice with all the food I’ve been eating! I’ve become a bit camera-happy at mealtimes, so here’s a selection of photos from week 1 of the challenge:



I really can’t get enough of this challenge, and I’m so excited for week 2! Feel free to share your experiences of HH28 below!

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4 Comments to “Happy Herbivore 28 Day Whole Food Challenge: Week 1 in Review”

  1. What is in the jar? Looks yummy

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