Fangirl Friday: The Happy Herbivore

Welcome to the first post in my Fangirl Friday series, in which I’ll be sharing my love for plant-based movers and shakers of the blogosphere. I’m excited to share some of my favourite online haunts with you, and I hope that some of you might even discover new favourite vegan bloggers as a result.


For my inaugural post, I’d like to celebrate the work of the Happy Herbivore, Lindsay Nixon. Lindsay is a cookbook author and blogger who advocates a whole foods, plant-based diet, free from oils and refined and processed foods. She also regularly contributes her yummy recipes to the Forks Over Knives website. Her recipes are healthy, easy and cheap to make, and so scrummy!


Although I’ve been a vegan for a decade and a half, I was, admittedly, not the healthiest of plant-munchers. I consumed a lot of soya, wheat, caffeine and processed vegan products, and as a result, I found myself slightly overweight and constantly ill. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I believe that my diet has actually contributed quite significantly to my rapidly worsening endometriosis symptoms. So when I finally made the decision to adopt a whole foods, plant-based diet, after months of research into the nutritional management of endometriosis, I began to search for resources to help me on my journey, which is when I discovered the Happy Herbivore website. Packed full of recipes, information and support, the website and its community made me feel far less isolated during a very daunting lifestyle change, and opened my eyes to a whole new way of living as a vegan.


In the past two days alone, I’ve had two HH-inspired meals: Cherry Quinoa Salad, from the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook:



And salsa chickpeas with rice and salad, a meal based on this recipe for salsa chickpea lettuce wraps:



There is so much information and inspiration on offer within the Happy Herbivore community that it soon becomes impossible to ever be stuck for dinner ideas, or to find yourself in a food rut. The Happy Herbivore books and website are incredible resources for the plant-powered among us, and I’d especially recommend the Happy Herbivore to new vegans, as the guidance and recipes available will make a huge difference during such a drastic lifestyle change.


What I love most about the Happy Herbivore, however, is that her exploration of vegan living extends far beyond plant-based eating, and into the other areas of life which interest many vegans, most notably the desire to live a simpler, more minimalist life. I discovered HH’s Minimalist Monday posts not long after my own foray into minimalism began, and the weekly posts have been with me every step of the way, helping to guide me along the path to a simpler existence. I love Lindsay’s holistic approach to living a kind, plant-strong lifestyle, and it’s her joyful, innovative attitude towards this way of living that makes me enjoy the Happy Herbivore site so much. I highly recommend a visit to her site; I guarantee you’ll come away feeling enlightened, inspired and full of renewed love for veganism!

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2 Comments to “Fangirl Friday: The Happy Herbivore”

  1. Great to discover your blog and that you are a fellow Mancunian vegan foodie :-) I have not yet cooked any of the Happy Herbivore recipes but I am inspired to have a look from reading your post. Thanks!

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